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Thota Ramesh, hailing from Madikonda - a village in Southern India - is the youngest of the nine children of Mr. Thota Durgaiah and Mrs. Thota Agamma. He is greatly influenced in the development of a rational approach and scientific thinking by his father, a retired Head Master and a great educationist.

Thota Ramesh is a postgraduate in Business Administration and in Applied Psychology. He is a software engineer by profession and a Counseling Psychologist by passion.

At a young age, he learned Magic & Hypnotism to understand the working of the mind. He believes in educating people to see reason and to live happily. He strives to do his bit through seminars and writing articles/books. He feels the majority of human beings are good, but they allow bad things to happen as they are fearful and unassertive. He currently lives in Hyderabad, India with his wife & son; and his daughter lives now in Whitesburg, KY, USA.

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